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Stonewashed Linen Bedding (King) (Thank you!) What we learned: You like it when we try something outbe that a trend, a tip, or a popular methodand tell you what actually happens. The good and the bad. A few more posts from that series: Try swapping some of your artwork around tonight and see if it doesn't make you feel refreshed. What we learned: Little things that make a big difference? More of that, please. #11 3 Decorating "Tricks" So Transformative You Can Think of Them as Rules by Amanda Sims "Tricks," because once upon a time not too long ago the idea of hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling was not a thingsomeone gave it a whirl, the move caught fire as a trend, and suddenly it's Interior Design 101. What we learned: Interior Design 101minus the textbookis right up your alley. #10 A DIY Tiny Bathroom Renovation: Before, "Almost-After" & Tips by Liz Johnson When our wonderful contributor Liz Johnson told me she'd like to write about the bathroom makeover she masterminded herself, I knew it'd be a stunner (proof of her good taste, here ). It was also ingenious and budget-friendly. What could be better? What we learned: Again, real experiences (and real homes!

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